We search for lost, missing and wanted persons


 1. Call the Police – 158
 2. Ask the Police for the assistance of the RESDOGS search dogs
 3. Call the RESDOGS hotline +420 720 968 747

Tell the RESDOGS operator:

1. A brief description of what happened. Name and physical description of the missing person, relationship to the calling person, reason for disappearance, circumstances of disappearance, possible dangers - illness, medication, mental state 
 2. Address or GPS coordinates of the meeting place
 3. Name of the contact person who will communicate with us
 4. Contact on police investigator                                                                                             

We will need:

1. Scent article – piece of clothing, a personal item belonging to the missing person
2. Last Known Position - place where the missing person was last seen
3. Scent trail must still exist -> call us as soon as possible

Mobilization MT search team

  • 1
    At the request of the Police or "close person" (family and associates – do not hesitate, it is your right)
  • 2
    If possible, we set off immediately; the hotline operator will provide the most suitable MT team
  • 3
  • 4
    We are a voluntary organization and we also have to fulfill our job duties, so please be patient

How it works

Dogs always search for a specific person according to their individual scent. 

What the dogs follow

Each person has a specific, unchanging individual odour that dogs are able to identify and track. Mantrailing dogs are able to track the person's scent after a long time, both in the wild and in cities and built-up, busy areas.

What they need:

1. Scent article - ideally only with the scent of the missing person.

2. Last known position of the missing person – as accurate as possible

3. The scent trail disappears gradually, so it is necessary to deploy the MT team as soon as possible

How can our mantrailing search teams be used?

Both the Police and a "close person" can request our help

Our services are provided FREE OF CHARGE

If the Police finds it possible to use a MT team to serch for a missing person, theY can call the RESDOGS hotline. The operator will arrange for MT team mobilization and consult deployment of the MT team with police. RESDOGS uses dogs trained in a special method called mantrailing. These dogs are able to track individual scent of a specific person for long distances and after a longer time than police dogs with basic training.

As a “close person”, you have the right to ask the Police to use mantrailing dogs. Ask the commanding officer to call the RESDOGS hotline for help. The Police have to respond to your request and contact us. Otherwise, call our hotline directly and we will coordinate with the Police.

Without the Police - If you do not want to contact the Police in some situations, the Police have not yet started their search, or the Police, in your opinion, have exhausted all their possibilities, call the RESDOGS hotline. Depending on the specific conditions, we will agree on further steps. Even in these cases, we subsequently inform the Police about our activities and try to coordinate our activities with the Police. This shall not be done in cases where the notifier expressly does not wish to do so.

In special cases the MT team can be deployed even when all available search options are exhausted, when a long time has passed since the person has gone missing. In a matter of days, the MT team may try to check again for any clues that could lead to new information. In these situations the success rate is very low, but the hope dies last and it is necessary to use all the possibilities available.